Effectiveness according to children

(2001, Marleen Vermin)

This Education Research Project describes the use of the method of demand driven work developed by a Dutch Research Institute called WESP in a class of fifteen pupils at a special school. This school is part of a pilot-project which is carried out by WESP with the main purpose of improving the quality of education.

Using interviews of pupils to develop demand driven education does not only refer to the way in which people, pupils in this research project, will be interviewed but also how they will be approached as well as the way in which the questions have been asked and the way in which they and the teacher-researcher handled the answers.

This research project focuses on one class. This research has been carried out in order to improve the effectiveness of my way of teaching. By asking my way of teaching. By asking my pupils for their opinion on the lessons which I gave them, I got relevant and useful information to improve the quality of the education and my teaching.

The interviews which have been given throughout this project were group interviews. The list of quality criteria is the result of the different opinions expressed by my pupils.

The research paradigm used is action research because through action research I can fulfil two roles namely being practitioner and being a researcher at the same time. Action research offers me a cyclic research model and a tool kit which supports me as a reflective practitioner to analyse my practice, implement a change in a specific situation and reflect on this change at the same time.

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